The Expectation of the New Year

Tah Si Soe Thaw, Reporter

As this year is coming to an end, there’s only guesses as to what the new year is going to bring. After all the unfortunate events that have happened this year, a new year may not bring as much happiness as it often does and most likely it will be affected by everything that happened this year.

“While stuff like deaths and COVID are going to be affecting next year mostly in a negative way, there’s still going to be positive outcomes,” sophomore Cree Mar Po Nyaw said. “The election along with the inauguration, new vaccines, and BLM protests are still things I think we can expect for next year, mostly in a positive way.”

There’s always a chance for good things to happen. The expectation of having a new president may not be exciting to all, but it’s something many are looking forward to. Some things to be expected from the new presidency would be getting used to the way things are run, problems regarding politics, and hatred for the new president as well.

COVID-19 is more than likely to still exist and so will deaths, but due to the vaccines that’re coming out, the number of cases and deaths will more than likely lessen by next year. There’re two vaccine companies that are 95% effective and they’re working on a way to get the vaccines out. Thus, Covid might be seen less next year.

On the other hand, the BLM protests are still going to be affecting people even if there’s less talk about what is happening. People can be still affected by the racist remarks, hatred, and deaths making them to stand up for Black Lives again. By electing Biden these protestors are expecting him to listen to them and the chances are mostly high as he showed that he’s trying to help.