A Letter to Benson Staff

Lorena Loza, Editor-in Chief

Hello all,
     Since freshman year I have come to school with the confidence that I would be safe because I know that every one of you does your job so well. I couldn’t be happier to go to school here. But with that said, I feel unsafe now because I don’t see a single one of you enforcing social distancing, which is a life saving preventative measure against COVID-19.
     I walk into school in the mornings and the halls are congested near the entrance, same thing when I leave school. Passing periods are so crowded and not a single student respects one another’s space. I see administrators and teachers out in the halls but they say nothing even though I clearly remember being told we were to walk on the right side of hallways and be distant from other students.
     I ask that you begin to enforce safety guidelines because COVID-19 is a life or death situation, it is not to be played with. If you say nothing students and staff will be much likelier than they already are at school to contract the virus, it is not worth risking anyone’s health and as authority figures it is your responsibility to enforce these rules.
     I completely understand that you all have been put under immense pressure and your jobs have become even more demanding, but please if you see that kids aren’t adhering to these guidelines, say something to them.
Lorena Loza