Places to get COVID-19 Tested

JaVell Mapp-David, Reporter

With the US leading the world in COVID-19 cases and Nebraska COVID-19 cases going up, the chances of someone contacting it is higher. Even saying quarantined in your home there are still ways you can contact the virus by ordering things online or ordering for and things like that. 

There are plenty of places where everyone can get tested. MedExpress Urgent Care, WalgreensOneworld Northwest, MinuteClinic, Omaha VA Medical Center, ARCpoint Labs of Omaha, Thinkquick Urgent Care, AFC Urgent Care Omaha, Omaha VA Clinic, Heartland EmergiCare and more. 

The best way to stay safe is to stay indoors, wear a mask when going out, wash your hands, and if you do order something online disinfect it first.  

  • 6005 N 72nd St.
  • 4310 Ames Ave.
  • 4229 N 90th St.
  • 4840 Dodge St.
  • 225 N Saddle Creek Rd.
  • 4101 Woolworth Ave.
  • 310 Regency Pkwy Suite 110
  • 7100 W Center Rd.
  • 4004 N 132nd St. # 101
  • 825 Dorcas St Suite 200
  • 2419 M St.