Back To School Is Stressful

Alani Cuadra, Reporter

While students may be safe from COVID-19 at home, it doesn’t make them immune from the stressful feelings caused by returning back to school.  

Valerie Saavedra, a junior at Central High School, said that at the beginning of the school year, she felt a little anxious because she didn’t know what was going to come.  

I was anxious about going back to school because I didn’t know what to expect, given that we’ve never been online before, Saavedra said.

Going from no homework during the Spring and Summer to an excessive amount in August, was also a source of Saavedra’s stress. 

“I know that I feel very stressed at times especially trying to meet deadlines and stay on top of my work,” Saavedra said.  

Even though the purpose of remote learning is to isolate students for their physical safety, it is taking a toll on them mentally.  

“It’s depressing at times because you just feel the urge to go out and socialize, but you know its best for your safety should stay inside,” Saavedra said.