Miracle Smith, Webmaster

The coronavirus is a deadly disease spreading from China and believed to come from a seafood market in China. There has been 425 deaths in China. Research say that there are 23 other countries that encountered the virus as well and has been one death.

Most confirmed cases is in Hubei with a rate of 13,522 infected people. There are currently 43,090 cases globally.

There are no current treatments or vaccines for the virus. People can prevent catching the virus by simply wash your hands before and after every occasion daily. Thoroughly cook meat and eggs and cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Simply wear a mask when going out.

The virus spreads very fast from person to person, so be very careful when in contact with others who may have the virus. Try to avoid petting and touching stray animals.

Due to the increasing number of cases the death rate is up to 1,016. Some signs of the virus includes; shortness of breath, fever and uncontrollable coughing.

Nebraska is confirmed to have a case of the virus. Students are starting to wear masks and be cautious of what they touch and eat.