Horror, Romance, Drama, Action….On Valentine’s Day?


Miracle Smith, Webmaster

No one should be alone on Valentine’s Day. Catch a movie with some friends in theaters February 14th.  Experience romance movies or action movies appearing in theaters near you.

“The Photograph” is a romance movie leading Mae, the daughter of a photographer, who found a photograph tucked away in her diseased mothers belongings. On her journey she falls in love with a rising journalist.

Or enjoy the fast action movie of “Sonic The Hedgehog.”  As most know, Sonic is a hedgehog that has powers, now he is in the beginning the experience of life on earth but has to go up against the evil Dr. Robotnik from capturing him.

Experience the horror of what happens on Blumhouse’s “Fantasy Island.” Lucky guests get a chance to experience a luxurious tropical resort. But soon all their fantasies turn to nightmares and they must solve the mystery to escape.

Go through the drama and horror of Hank’s life. After his girlfriend breaks up with him he starts to lose his mind.

All these amazing movies are in theaters February 14th better known as Valentine’s Day so don’t miss out.