20/20 Vision

20/20 Vision

Miracle Smith, Webmaster

Bensons Class of 2020 is graduating May 14, that’s three months away and students have big plans for their future.  Tierra Murphy, a senior here at Benson has plans to start her own business in Atlanta.

“I wont settle for less so moving and pursuing the career I’ve chosen is what I plan for my future,” Murphy said. Murphy aspires to be a successful entrepreneur, traveling to Atlanta to be the best she can be.

As some seniors choose to go out of state after graduation, others chose to stay. Andrew King is one senior who chooses to stay here in Omaha to carry on with his future.

“I plan to attend Metro Community College after I graduate and major in Welding,” King said. Not only is he majoring in Welding, but also plan to make and produce music on the side. Andrew has been making and producing music since he was in middle school.

Benson staff cares for every student here at Benson. Some students hope to make their teachers proud as staff wish the best to graduating seniors. Ed a security guard at Benson and also a friend to many students inspire young adults daily.

“Live every day like its your last.” Ed said. His message to graduating senior Bunnies Leaving the herd and following the path to their future.

Class of 2020 is striving to be the best. They are only a couple of steps away from reaching and achieving their goals and ambitions they have set. Benson wish the best to the graduating class giving them a push forward to reach their destination in life.