Jade Purdy, Photojournalist and Web Master

Lifetime sports has a new unit this year.  It hit the target with the students, the physical education department received new bows and arrows for archery.

“I am very excited and they are so much nicer,” teacher Pat Frampton said.

Frampton ordered these bows from a magazine and took a couple weeks to come. They are just now getting the bows because they had to wait to get enough money to buy them, next Frampton would like to purchase round targets.

“This isn’t my favorite unit, it’s actually one of the slower units,” Frampton said. “But I love watching the students challenge themselves to do better.”

She is very nervous with kids using this equipment, especially when they do not follow the rules.

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt and that accident ruin it for the other kids,” Frampton said.