Pit Stop in Omaha

Amanda DeSantiago, Newspaper

Live music tends to offer a different experience than listening through a pair of headphones, that’s why so many people go to concerts. From big artists to small bands, there are always concerts going on in Omaha, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.
“It’s fun, to see bands play live. Live intensity is the best,” Junior Sam Strong said.
Concerts are a form of entertainment all around the world in all settings, including Omaha.
“It’s pretty crowded at shows a lot of the time, but it’s fun since you’re with a group of people that you have something in common with, music wise,” Sophomore Sara Sexton said.
When well-known artists come to Omaha, tickets tend to sell out fast.
This happened with the upcoming Billie Eilish concert, not only did she sell out her Omaha date, but her whole tour sold out within 2 weeks of tickets going on sale.
“The day I decided to try and buy tickets for the Billie Eilish concert, is the same day they sold out,” Senior Hailea Pounds said.
Bigger concerts with really popular artists aren’t always that affordable though, they can get quite expensive, but that shouldn’t stop people from experiencing the joy of concerts, because there are tons of local shows that are half of the price of those bigger concerts, if not cheaper.
“Oh boy definitely, some concerts are too expensive,” Senior Mataya Mallory said.
A lot of these local shows happen right here in the Benson area at venues such as the waiting room lounge, and the reverb.
“I like the waiting room a lot,” Sexton said. “it’s a nice venue.”
Not only are these shows cheaper, but they’re also a way to support local bands.
There are tons of groups in Omaha that are really trying to get their music out there and going to their concerts helps expand their audience.
“I’ve gone to see local bands, as well as other bands touring around,” Sexton said, “I think it’s cool to see bands that you like, and it’s good to support the music scene.”
Some of these local bands include Garst and The Borstal Boys, bands in which one of our own students, senior Cannon Dunwoody, plays in. Garst specifically has been growing in popularity for the last few years, with their shows at the reverb, the waiting room lounge, and even some out of state shows.
“Garst has been getting bigger, and are known at some of the local venues,” Strong said. “The Sokol Auditorium is the biggest venue Garst has been booked at recently.”
There are pros and cons to any type of concert, as there are with most things, but either way, the intention is to offer a good time with some good music.
“Smaller shows tend to sound better; you can feel the kick drum rattle your bones, and its more personal,” Strong said, “Big shows are fun too. It’s a constant fight for a good spot.”
Overall going to concerts to support artists big and small, is a fun experience, especially when spent with friends.
“I don’t go to concerts often, but when I do, it’s cause I’m with people I love and to see groups I really enjoy,” Mallory said.