How’s it hoppin’?

Anthony Arenas-Rubiales, Eiditor and Chief of the Newspaper

School is back in session and schools all around OPS are in full operating mode. For many it’ll be their first year of high school or being at Benson.
It’s an exciting time for many students, seeing their new teachers and being able to hang out with their friends again.
While for many it can be a fun journey, it can be a difficult one for others.
Senior Joshua Calabro has many things going on at Benson.
“It’s been too overwhelming for me. My teachers are killing me with all this work and I’m also trying to get scholarships for college, and it’s been rough,” Calabro said. “Other than that, senior year has been pretty great.”
While it can be nerve wrecking for some people, it could be a chance to get to know new people. Below are other thoughts of students and teachers at Benson!

“My year so far has been good. I have made lots of new friends and I’m enjoying my classes. I’m looking forward for the next four years!”
– freshman Ahmed Salad

“The school year has started off pretty well. I’m a new student here at Benson, but I’ve been making new friends and the teachers are nice.”
– sophomore Alexa Sanchez Flores

“It’s going really fast and I feel like it’s going be a good year. I’m also enjoying the school year!”
– English teacher Paula Vazzano

“I am absolutely love it! It’s been a blast and I love seeing everybody! It’s a great group of students that are energetic and positive. I always look forward to coming to work everyday!”
– science teacher Kyle Kerger