90s Back, Alright?


Lavender Williams, Reporter

What’s hot? What’s not? What to choose? What to lose? This school year has started off with a trendy bang.  

Everyone had that back-to-school moment or a what-will-I-wear-when-I-go-back-to-school moment. Students started pulling out their Vans and Converse from the back of their closets. Fanny packs and graphic tees, the 90’s trends have made a reappearance and we’re all wondering what’s in?  

 Everyone likes to fit in, we’re bringing back the 90s and making it our own.”, senior, Kyndle McDougle says 

The 90’s most popular look was grunge. This included plaid flannel skirts, stonewashed and ripped jeans, Birkenstocks and high tops. Some early 1990s style basics include crop tops, denim overalls, striped sweaters, leather jackets and fluorescent colors on t-shirts and jackets – the most popular were blue, green, orange, pink, and yellow- paired together in patterns developed from comic book and pop art.  

Mid 90s style includes tailored skirts and pantsuits, sequins, animal prints and graphic tees.  

Late 90s style  included 70s revival business casual, disco looks, halter tops, platform shoes, khakis, belts, and button up shirts.  

Benson High has adopted and adapted this sense of fashion.  

“Everyone has their own unique style but in a way they’re all similar.”, sophomore, Jaheim Smith says. We all have put a twist or only took a little piece of this type of fashion.  

A very fashionable senior, Danny Tran states that, “Retro and oversized tees are in. We’re wearing a more laid back style that you can switch up and have fun with. ”  

Fashion loves a trend and Benson loves fashion. But of course, everyone has their own sense of style and is entitled to their own opinion. Not everyone thinks this sense of style is in or attractive.  

Senior, Daisha McGlothin says, “Miss me with the fanny packs. The 90s look is okay, I guess.”  

Fanny packs, Champion, and scrunchies (VSCO) has become popular. Many of the social media platforms influence the way we dress or give us an idea on how we think we should. There are about 724 million posts on Instagram hash tagged fashion.  Everyone sees and experience fashion everyday. Apparel consumption is expected to rise by 63% from 62 tons to 102 tons in 2030. Which means we’ll be buying more. 

Everyone consistently change their sense of style as the world changes. Some things are only “cool” for now, others could last a decade or so. We don’t just buy the products, we buy the message. Our style represents how we feel or how we want to make other people feel towards us or about us.  

If you are struggling with an outfit, Kyndle says ,”..just add accessories like a belt, hoops, or hair clips.”  

Finding your own unique style that you are comfortable with will boost your confidence according to some psychologists.  

So whether it’s the 90s revival look or just a plain shirt with jeans, get comfortable with yourself.