Survival of the Fittest: Black Friday

Vannia Duarte Camacho, Reporter

December 12, 2018

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As the month of November settles in, many have their minds on one very important holiday, and not the one with turkey. Black Friday is a day of waking up at the crack of dawn to sleep outside of a store, trample and fight people...

Network Overload

Mollie, Reporter

November 19, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

“THE MAYOR” Network:  ABC Summary:  A struggling hip-hop artist runs for mayor to promote his mixtape and wins the election. “THE CROSSING” Network: ABC Summary: Refugees who've traveled back from a war-torn United States ...

Bone Appetit: Halloween Recipes

Samantha Sperry, Editor-in-Chief

October 12, 2018

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

As children, the meals we ate on Halloween were all made up of candy. However, with age comes not only common sense but also less tolerance for an inhumane amount of sugar and responsibility. Put down the value bag of candy that...

Logan: The Final Chapter

Eric Parsons, Editor-In-Chief

May 9, 2017

Filed under Arts & Entertainment

Do you like seeing people being torn up, blood gushing everywhere, and a well-written story? Then the new movie Logan is a must see for you. The ninth and final installment in the beloved X-men movie franchise came out last mon...

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