Talented student chooses science over art

Despite awards, talented artist chooses forensics over art

Lucas Magisana

The winner of the Silver Key senior Vannia Duarte-Camacho at a Scholastic competition at the TAC building in March 2019.  

“I started drawing out of sheer boredom in class one day and never stopped,” Duarte-Camacho said. 

After that day, Duarte-Camacho found out she liked art and began to take it seriously. 

1st serious drawing I ever made was a man in a peanut costume,” Duarte-Camacho said. “I named the man Peanut Man Joe and he’s still on my history binder.”  

After she found her passion for drawing, Duarte-Camacho began looking at tutorials on YouTube and checking out art books so she could make her sketches look like objects instead of blobs. 

It took a while for Duarte-Camacho to find her art style. 

“I tried portraits and I got bored of them, so I chose to stick with anime style since it didn’t put me to sleep,” Duarte-Camacho said. 

Another reason for her sticking with the anime art style is because Duarte-Camacho enjoys how anime can look exaggerated, but still look natural. 

Even with her skill level, Duarte-Camacho doesn’t want to make it into a career. 

Most art careers with my art style tend to be commissioned based and there is a lot of competition.” Duarte-Camacho said. 

However, Duarte-Camacho might turn her talents into a career later down the line. 

Probably when I retire from my planned career,” Duarte-Camacho said. I might decide to make art into a career.