Student chooses AP classes

Safia Mohamud

In order to avoid crazy students, junior Amanda DeSantiago signs up for every AP class she can. She now takes four

AP classes that helped her receive credit for college and increase her GPA.
Students can easily go to the counselor to sign up for AP classes when they are signing up classes for next year.

“Taking AP class will help you receive credit for college and that will save you money when you are in college,” DeSantiago said.

DeSantiago also believes that more students should take AP classes, because it will challenge them and that will prepare them for college.

“AP Psychology is my favorite AP class because it fun and easy,” DeSantiago said.
DeSantiago thinks AP Language and Composition is the most boring AP class at Benson because students are not allowed to talk to their peers.

“In a day it takes me three hours to do my AP Homework,” DeSantiago said.
DeSantigo believes that a person doesn’t have to be smart to take AP classes but they have to be committed and dedicated.

“You have to work hard in order to pass AP classes,” DeSantiago said.