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Summer musical is casted

Lucas Magisana

This summer, the Benson High auditorium is being transformed into the streets of New York during the 1899 Newspaper Boys strike. 

Newsies is based off the newspaper boys strike 1899, in which child workers fought back against corporate greed,” Drama teacher Erienne Wredt said. 

It was chosen by a panel of judges who go through a list of choices and look at various factors. Some of these include how difficult it is to make the set, how difficult is it to perform and how to showcase a wide range of talents. 

The lead role Jack Kelly is played by senior Raymond Butler.  

“I tried out because I like the summer musicals in OPS,” Butler said. “Since it’s a great opportunity to be around talent from the schools in OPS as well as Ms. Gibbonsthe chorus teacher urging me to try out.” 

Jack Kelly is the charming leader of the Manhattan Newsies and is not afraid to use his voice to speak out. He was orphaned at a young age and wants to move from his crowded city to the quiet Santa Fe. 

“I identify with Jack’s family situation,” Butler said. “I am not afraid to say something unless it hurts someone I likeI also want to leave the city.” 

Wredt is looking forward to showing Omaha the best of the best from all seven high schools. 

“I am looking forward to acting with kids,” Butler said. “The new generation has so much talentI’m excited to see what new talents the younger kids have. I’m looking forward to making new friends.” 

However, Butler does have one gripe about the musical. 

“The spotlights are hot, and I don’t like sweating,” Butler said.