Editor leaves staff

Managing Editor graduates

Samir Biswa

Vannia Duarte-Camacho was the managing editor of Benson High News. She has been in newspaper staff for two years.

“I’m in charge of the people on the staff while the editor [in chief] oversees the actual paper,” Duarte-Camacho said.
Duarte-Camacho joined the newspaper to become a cartoonist and she stayed with newspaper.

“I joined newspaper to become a cartoonist and just stuck with it because I actually like journalism,” Duarte-Camacho said.

Duarte-Camacho thought of the newspaper as her own child. She loved newspaper because she spent month making it.

“It was a fun class and the paper was my child,” Duarte-Camacho said. “My very late, very deformed, stress filled child that I loved anyways because I spent months making it.”

Duarte-Camacho loved getting the newspaper out, it meant the whole world to her.

“I loved getting a newspaper out because it meant all my blood, sweat and tears paid off and I could sleep,” Duarte-Camacho said.

She liked newspaper because it gave her an environment where she can work.

“It was a flexible environment with a lot of great people,” Duarte-Camacho said.

Samir Biswa
Managing Editor Vannia Duarte-Camacho helps Journalism 1-2 student Warren Sharp with his story.

The worst part was missing deadlines. It was a lot of stress and she wants to start throwing shoes at people.

“The worst part was missing deadlines,” Duarte-Camacho said. “It was just a lot of stress that ends up piling up and I wanted to start throwing shoes at people.”