Thrive Club volunteers at Intercultural Senior Center

Safia Mohamud

In order to give back and appreciate the elderly members in their community, Thrive Club members visited the Intercultural Senior Center on Apr. 12.

Students covered the place with posters of their cultures as well as performed traditional dances and songs. Afterwards, they individually sat with residents to tell stories and help the elders learn more about each culture.

The generations came together to create a memorable event. Among those students who participated on the event were sophomore Paw Thay Wah who is the current president of Thrive Club and sophomore Say Meh who is a Thrive member.

“Thrive did this project to give back to our community and to show elders that we appreciate them because as they get older, we tented to forget about them and most of the time we take them for granted,” Wah said.

Wah believes that we should never take anything for granted and we should always appreciate the little things in life.

“One thing I learned was that we should never be scared to approach new people because you never know once you get to know them, they might play a big role in your life,” Meh said.

Meh believes that this event really made a difference and had a big impact on the people who came, and also thinks that we should be more open minded when meeting new people.

“It’s hard to choose because all the performances were great but if I really had to choose one, I would choose the one where all the Karen younger generation and the older generation came together to sing because it was really meaningful and it made us feel closer to home,” Wah said.

Meh’s favorite performance was the Mexican Folkloric Dance, where everyone was dancing and having fun together.
“This project was very successful because we got a lot of good feedbacks,” Wah said.

Wah was very happy with the outcome of the event and was proud of the officers and the members of Thrive Club.
“I believe it was successful because at the end everyone was so happy and you could really see that they enjoyed this event,” Meh said.